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Aircraft Maintenance Services

Swift TG Maintenance provides Part M certified aircraft maintenance for a wide variety of Aircraft, covering the entire spectrum of your service requirements including: Airframes, Engines, Propellers, Composites, Fabric Work, Avionics, Inspections, Re-painting, Re-finishing and Repair Schemes.
Performing major and minor scheduled maintenance, defect rectification and modifications, together with issuing Airworthiness Review Certification, Swift TG Maintenance allows you to meet regulations affordably and with as little downtime as possible. With decades of accumulated experience in avionics, internationally recognised qualifications and high profile clients, we are confident that our services will be able to meet our clients exact aircraft maintenance requirements. 

Aircraft Modification

Swift TG Solutions uses Computer Aided Engineering to provide modifications that are both structurally and aerodynamically optimised. These abilities coupled with our experience in quality control, manufacturing and mechanical engineering enable us to carry out the modification process from initial concept through design and development to approval and installation. By use of these techniques, in combination with either laser scanning or photogrammetry, we can also reverse engineer existing components for further enhancement or simply to provide an alternative source of replacement parts.
Certified modifications are also available, with the issue of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).